Truck Camper Magazine Story!

3 May


Truck Camper Magazine did a great job on the story.

Thanks for all of the great comments since it came out.



Blog Viewers from all over the World!

3 May

world map

Blog Viewers

Blog Viewers

Lots of people have viewed my Blog, several thousand just in the past view months…. Infamous … it is a good thing, I think. ūüôā

Have a great weekend everyone!

Truck Camper Magazine – My top 10 places in Alaska and a Few More

3 May

Below is a copy of a note I received from Truck Camper Magazine …

A year ago I was on the trip and today you can re-live a bit of it.


Your Top 10 Alaska article is now published for our readers:

You can also get to the article from our homepage:

The article is also showcased on our Pinterest board, Google+ page, Facebook (when it starts working again) page, and our Twitter feed.

Have a great day!


Truck Camper Magazine Article is out Today!!!

11 Feb

Below is a note that I received from Angela White of Truck Camper Magazine …


Your article is in TCM today:

You can also get to the article from our homepage:

The article is also showcased on our Pinterest board, Google+ page, Facebook page, and our Twitter feed.

Truck Camper Magazine 021113

Have a great day!

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Alaska Week is Next Week!

6 Feb

Please check out Truck Camper Magazine the week of February 11th … The link is shown below:

Sometime during the day on Monday TCM should publish a story on our trip to Alaska…. So once again ‘infamous’

And Hope just keeps asking when will this Alaska trip ever end … ūüôā ¬†Never …. ?

Take care everyone!


Honorable Mention in the Truck Camper Magazine for 2013

2 Nov

The good news is the winners were announced today.

The bad news is we got honorable mention only for the picture that was taken in the mountains north of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Below is the link to the pictures that won and believe me there were a lot of amazing pictures.

HONORABLE MENTION – On the Trans-Canda Highway in Banff National Park, north of Banff, Alberta Canada. The picture was taken on May 7, 2012.

Thanks to everybody that voted and has participate in this whole experience.

I appreciate all of the support (votes), comments and the ‘at a boy’ throughout my trip and since.

You are all great.



Truck Camper Magazine 2013 Calender VOTING

29 Oct

I am shamelssly asking for your vote for my three pictures for the 2013 Truck Camper Magazine.

Please vote for Picture 25, 26 and 27

Above is the link to go and vote.  You can copy this URL and place in your browser to go to it.

I would appreicate it you can get all your family to vote also …

Shamless I know.

Thanks Everyone.